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Welcome to My Journey: Meet Tugrul

I am Tugrul, founder of the CerebroWave website. I am a senior mechanical engineer with a PhD Degree. I am studying software engineering and am about to finish. I have reached my forties way too quickly! I couldn’t realise how time passed. I worked in power generation for years. I had maintenance, operations, and services roles. I also carried out academic studies about the industry. Many critical pieces of equipment in a power generation facility are monitored by their operational data. There are thousands of measurements which generate ample raw data storage. However, if expert engineers do not evaluate the data, it is useless to gather all this data with expensive sensors and electronic gear.
On the other hand, I was amazed at how the data could provide such valuable information. The data led me to machine learning and artificial intelligence topics, where I was utterly fascinated by the marvellous world of data. I aimed to learn, grow, and share my experiences and what I got through this journey. Therefore, I could help others in this lucrative field.

Discover CerebroWave: Your Guide to Data Science And Artificial Intelligence

I developed this site to share my data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning experience. I will cover the basics, hints and other stuff about the subject.

A Glimpse into My Personal World

I am from Turkey; I have two young daughters. I enjoy reading, playing soccer, tennis, table tennis. I am interested in classic and electric cars (I own a 1994 Mercedes Benz S500). I am also a self-development enthusiast and a lifelong learner.

Join the Journey: Why CerebroWave is Essential For You

Data science and artificial intelligence have become essential parts of modern society. My page will guide you in learning important aspects of this critical topic.

I can’t wait for the upcoming days ahead!




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